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Is Your Business Human Enough?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Don’t be a Corporate Robot

As humans, we all feel a deep longing to be known. We want to be understood, heard, and cared about. We want to connect with other humans in meaningful ways because we value genuine intimacy and love. When you think of a business, do you think about being known or loved?

I didn’t think so.

And that is exactly what’s wrong with the corporate world today. We are all trying to be superhuman robots that never make mistakes. We hide behind logos and titles that 99% of people can’t relate to.

But what if our companies opened up and showed us their hearts? What if we got to know the people behind the logo? What if instead of pretending to be something we are not, we embraced our humanity and encouraged others to do so, too?

Don’t Just Take our Word for it!

Mark Shaefer is basically the marketing guru. He is known throughout the world as he’s written numerous books, lectured at numerous colleges, and spoken at numerous events. You can just Google him.

In a 2019 interview, Mark was asked which philosophies have guided his life and what success looks like to him. His response, as you might infer, was pure gold:

“I suppose the over-arching philosophy is that I want to set a good leadership example with my career and online presence. The web is such a cesspool sometimes. I want to show people that it doesn’t have to be that way. We can support each other and lift each other up.
I also think that something I’m known for is my honesty. I don’t have an agenda to sell people stuff or evangelize a position. I build trust by being rational, honest and unafraid of the truth. People know I will say what needs to be said.
I want to be a person who dispenses hope. My books cover serious topics, but they are also fun to read and present a hopeful view of the world.”

Well isn’t that just lovely? And although his empathic powers may seem superhuman, I can assure you, we all have this same potential.

Get Going, Dr. Empathy

Before you go crazy worrying about how to be the most human human, just take some time to reflect on your personal life journey. Recognizing that everyone is on their own path and has their own life story is a special defining characteristic of each person. How can you listen to your customers? How can your business accept these different stories?

Realize that self-reflection is your first step to empathy. It takes time and practice, so don’t feel too frustrated when you just don’t feel there right away. We’re all learning together and there’s no place for discouragement. Remember, we are only human, but being human is the strongest you can be.

Join the Conversation

What would you like to see other companies and businesses do for you, and how can you make that happen for your clients?

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