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Does Being the Star of Your Social Media Videos Intimidate You?

We’re All a Little Camera Shy

Let’s be honest; being in front of a camera for the first time is a tad frightening. The thought of potentially hundreds or thousands of people seeing your video is even scarier! The good thing is that you are not alone. Everyone experiences stage fright, and all it takes to overcome it is some exposure and getting used to.

Your Face is Important

You may be questioning why you even need to make an appearance in the first place. Can’t you just hire some random, attractive model to do all the talking? As enticing as that may seem for you and your audience, they should probably see the faces behind the company. And by probably, I mean definitely.

By being transparent with your followers and clients, you will be able to build meaningful relationships with them. They want to hear from you in your own words because they need to know they aren’t just doing business with some large invisible entity; they need to know they are doing business with you. Your truth, honesty, and willingness to take time to talk to them builds trust. If people are familiar with you, they have entered into a special connection with the company that not only draws them to be financially invested, but emotionally as well. They need to hear from you to know what you are doing behind the scenes to make your business special and different, and that you truly have their best interest at heart.

The Friendlier, the Better

Still feeling nervous? That’s totally okay! Tintero Creative wrote a blog sharing some great tips for boosting your confidence in front of the camera. A great starting place is introducing yourself and your company with a friendly, smiling face. Engage with your audience; ask questions and encourage them to interact with your video.

Join the Conversation

What is holding you back from engaging with your community through video and how can you overcome that?

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